1) Getting the Delighted Idea.
Ooh la la!  Wouldn’t it be great to write about this! You can’t really start writing until you have an idea (or an assignment).  In life, this is the phase where you allow yourself to be led by your joy.  Where does my joy wish to go today?  This is usually an automatic answer, something that rises up inside of you.  (Or is handed to you.)

2) Developing with Love and Care.
This is the time to get clear on what it is you really want to say about this anyway.  I have written about the exercise   Where you talk to yourself on paper about what you want to write, without worrying about “writing” it. I like to do this by hand, so it’s closer to my heart, more flexible.  For instance, you might say, “I want to write about the phases of writing.  I want to show that it can be the same as phases of life.”  Writing easily about it and inserting notes like, “What about making it a numbered post?”  In life you might see this phase as figuring out just what you want.  Getting clear on it.

3) Type it Up.
At least in this day and age, it’s important to get it onto the computer.  This is tending well to it.  Rather than leaving it on a piece of paper which can get lost or stuck with other papers, this is a way of preserving it, making it real.  Even if you begin with a typed first draft, this is where you can play with it – now that it’s on the computer.  As you type it up or read it over, you can flow a little more with it, come up with new ideas, settle on a direction, rearrange your thoughts.  When we tend well to ourselves, we prepare ourselves well for the journey ahead.  We take care of ourselves and get what we need.  We give ourselves and the piece our attention.

4) Refining and Revising.
This is the heart and soul, the work of writing.  This is where it all happens.  Making it “money.”  In life, we are taking the steps toward what we want. Sending out the ships, as Chellie Campbell says.  There are those who teach that writing is really rewriting.  I see it as taking the raw materials and mixing them together into what you wish to create. Working the dough until you get it just right.

5) Letting it Go.
This can be tricky.  But there must come a time where you need to say it is finished.  I like to review it one more time to make sure it rings true and then let it go.  In life, we have to trust and surrender to the path in front of us.  Let go of things we no longer need and let our light shine for others to see.

Thanks for listening.