I think it is a hoax to try to figure out what if.

That could be because there are so many millions of ways that things can come together, you can’t possibly know how it will turn out, whatever it is.  No matter how much you think you know.

Even with something as simple as a day.  I plan my day well.  I’m going to do this first and then this other thing, etc.  My plans don’t seem to mean much, as the day gets away from me.  A phone call, a request, an unexpected detour and my carefully laid plans are nothing more than a memory.

It’s important, I believe, to imagine some of the possibilities. That way you can be better prepared for the things that are “likely” to happen.  In the long run though, all guarantees are null and void.  Any preparations you make could well turn out for naught as life twists and turns around you.

What you can bank on is your own ability to handle whatever may come your way.  When you reach that point where What if turns into What is, only then can you see all the ins and outs of the situation.  Only from this time and place can you make the necessary calls about what to do.