I’ve been playing with this idea of making everything lighter. Just releasing my grasp a little, easing up a bit.

When I think of feeling lighter, no matter my weight, I do feel lighter.  Things become easier to do.  I can move forward with grace and ease.

The lightness helps me to see more.  Not clouded by a bunch of angst and worry, I can view the situation more dispassionately.  This helps to see what to do next.  And I can move forward with a lighter step.

Being light releases stress.  Tension in the body can build up.  Letting that go can allow for feeling better and moving better.

We can travel more lightly on the Earth.  Leaving less of a destructive footprint.  We can have a lighter hand with the young, with the old, with the trying.  Lightness helps me to forgive more easily, without the heavy weight of neediness.

Allow light to fill your being and you can spread it.  Shining light on everyone you come in contact with.

When we’re just resting into being, not pushing, not stressing, we can feel the lightness.  Just being in the moment lightens everything.