Embracing Uncertainty” is a wonderful book by Susan Jeffers, PhD.  This woman made a lifetime study of fear.  “Embracing Uncertainly” teaches us how to let go of our fears, handle, deal with, wrangle the fears.  I like the vision of loading up the backpack with your fears and moving ahead with them, if you must.  As in, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,” Dr. Jeffers’ landmark book. The title that became a cheer.  Pack em up and keep on trucking.

It’s so easy though to get attached to our fears, to be driven by them.  Making it sometimes hard to get out of it’s hold. I have a dear friend who is negative about just everything.  His name could be Yes But.  Nothing is ever good enough, nothing can ever work for him. That’s just the way it is.  And he lives his life, hoping against hope that his worst fears won’t come true, again.  He doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but his best guess is that it’s not going to work for him. He’s not alone.  I know many people, including myself at times, who are poised and ready to tell you (and themselves) all the reasons why not.

Is it about risk?  What am I willing to risk to have what I want?  I have been known to over dramatize the possibility of risk.  Be careful, I tell myself.  It’s wise to be prepared for the worst.

But does this keep me focused, then, on the things that can go wrong?  It seems so easy for us to come up with disaster scenarios.  Why can’t we prepare for the positive possibility?  Better still, find that Middle Way to accept and embrace the uncertainty of what is to come.  “What will happen to me today?” has a much better ring than “What disaster might befall me today?”  When we embrace the uncertainty we ask the kind of questions Susan points out from “A Course in Miracles” such as,  What will you have me do today?  Where will you have me go?

Even if we’re going to work as always, we can be open to where our hearts and minds are.  Not just accept, but reach out for the unknowable, embrace the fear and move with it.