I believe this is the Real Purpose of writing. Some may see it is saying what God wants you to say, others what is in their hearts or playing around in their heads.  Then again, it might just be what your client or boss wants you to say.  One of the gifts of writing is to be able to express that which you yearn to say.

Many people, I think, get caught up in the notion that it has to be something terribly important.  But many times just getting out the trivial things can be a great relief.

This aspect of writing can be helpful in managing interpersonal relationships.  There are often things that so need to be said you can feel it.  When you speak, though, you can lose your place, let your emotions get the better of you, or run off at the mouth about something off topic.  Putting it down on paper (or on the screen), you can move it around, find the best way to say it and say what you really need to say, without a lot of extra bits.

Any kind of writing – personal, business, technical, fiction – is all about saying what needs to be said.  Whether that’s how you feel about someone or the benefits of the latest widget.

Like Michelangelo freeing the statue from within the marble, writing is a means to free the message.