Yes, I know, it’s outdated – in terms of phrases – but the concept will never go out of style.

Spreading good vibes is the deliberate intention to be nice to everyone you come in contact with. To somehow lighten their load or brighten their day.  Whether that’s a smile for the person behind you in line, the waitress who asks you for the 7th time if everything’s okay or the person who really needs cheering up.

It’s about being kind to all creatures in your path.  Sometimes you must open your heart when you’d rather close it.  If your kids are driving you crazy and the person in front of you has yet another problem, this is the time to remember that your good vibes can have an effect on everyone around you.

Spreading good vibes includes answering the question, “How are you?” with a positive response.  I’m great!  Or at least I’m doing well.  Be conscious of what you’re putting out there.  Are your grumbling and complaining?

I was talking to a friend today about how negativity and fear spread quickly.  It’s important to not be the carrier of those bad vibes.  Instead, do what you can to improve them for everyone. If possible, see if you can leave others feeling even better than before.

It takes a little more effort to spread the good stuff, but it’s well worth it.  Being known as someone who makes others feel good is a pretty groovy thing!