Sometimes it’s all you need.   One good reason can give just the motivation you need to get things done.  Especially things that are a stretch.  One good reason can help you get over some obstacles.  It can set you up with a strong intention which will pull you through.  That reason can make obstacles seem scalable.

One Good Reason can also come in handy when you come up against resistance.  Before you say no, see if you can devise one good reason why you shouldn’t do it.  Often you will find you don’t have even one that’s enough to skip it.  So maybe you can move ahead and do it anyway.

Or you might find a good reason to say no thanks or not right now.  This can not only buy you some time, but give you useful information as well.  What is that reason?  Can you fix it?  Do something about it?

One Good Reason can help you do things you never dreamed possible.  One reason at a time.