I’ve had a thought recently that I need to be using what I’ve got.  But I wonder what, exactly, that means?

Perhaps the first thought might be about using my talents to achieve my goals.  That seems kind of obvious.  Is it possible I have other things I can use like resources, connections, and knowledge, too?

What about my tools, supplies and equipment?  Most of which are within arm’s reach, requiring no expenditure or effort to use.

There are other things I can use that are not as readily apparent.  Within the categories of resources, connections and knowledge, have I trully mined all that’s there?  In the back of my closet could be just what I need: Something I learned in business class many years ago.  Or someone I did something for last year who might be just the person I need right now.

This gets me sharpened to notice all the little things I have that can make the journey easier.  Music, for instance.  Pandora or various listening devices.  I only have to remember them. There are tricks of the trade that I’ve learned, support I had forgotten about.  An exercise that could reveal the exact piece of information I’d been missing.  Have I tried that resource over there, yet?

In all of this, it’s important to think in terms of all I have that I can give to others.  Most of these things I can share.  My time, my expertise, my concern can also be offered.  I have plenty of encouragement that I can give generously, at almost any time.  To myself and others.

I believe there is help wherever you look. The answer to a burning question might be uttered in the next movie I see.  Or a tossed off comment I overhear.  The secret is to stay open for precisely what is needed.

It’s kind of sexy, isn’t it?  A person who uses what he or she has.  It’s not about being self-reliant, but interdependent.  Like infrastructure excites some folks, interdependency does the same thing to me.

Using what you have feels like integrity to me.  Whole.  Using everything you can to enhance and expand your capacities.

In networking we learn to turn over every stone, contact everyone we can think of.  That our networks are no longer separate.  My friends, my colleagues, my comrades, all are my network and all a resource for me.  And I can be for them.

I want to use what I have to more fully give and receive.