Choose the things that delight you.

Why not?  You make your future in the present. The more delight you can infuse into the present, the more delightful your future will be.

Who knows what the future will bring?  Trying to make decisions based on what might happen is futile and frustrating. You can only decide in the present, using the information you have right now.

Don’t be afraid of making the Wrong Choice.  If you don’t like your decision, there’s not much that can’t be changed.  The closer you are to the real truth of what your needs are, today, the better the odds you’ll have of success in your decision. If you chose for your delight, you’ll be choosing well.

You don’t even have to consider your loved ones. What children (or anyone else for that matter) may need can be dealt with in the planning stages. Others will handle any changes you make. Life is change and everyone around you is subject to the shifting of life. After all, your delightful decision is likely to be better than deception and depression. The decision needs only to be based on your needs right now.  What delights you today. What’s truly best for you is best for everyone around you.

Confused about what is best for you? Follow your delightful feelings. It is just that simple: Go for what delights you.