Remember the show, The Rockford Files?  I find so much to like about the main character, Jim Rockford.  He is real. Some might call him down to earth.  He loves to fish with his dad. The trailer he lives in by the beach is, presumably, so that he can move to where the fish are biting. Admitting he’s been wrong is not a problem for him.  After he throws a punch, he’s usually found soothing his aching fist. He does a mean handbrake turn and he keeps his gun in a cookie jar in the kitchen.

Jim Rockford is honest.  He doesn’t always tell the truth, though, as he’s been known to pose as other people.  Even keeps a little machine in his glove compartment to make up a business card as needed.  But he has a lot of integrity and will never cheat one if his Private Eye clients.

But the thing I find most interesting about him is his ability to spot the fake.  He seems to always knows when he’s being conned.  He may not know what to do about it and often gets himself into trouble anyway.  But he can tell when he’s being lied to.  This is a very good skill in his private eye work.  Knowing who (or what) to believe and acting accordingly.

It’s also a very handy trait in life.  It would help us all if we could immediately tell if it was the genuine article or not. You could have a good sense about what your next move would be.

Another one of my favorite TV characters is Lovejoy. As an antiques dealer he has been blessed with the rare status of being a “divvie.”  That means he can divine a genuine antique.  He gets all feverish, clammy and woozy when he’s in the presence of the real McCoy.

I wonder if the guiding information to be found in the present moment can make us all divvies.