I just love Pandora.  I have 10 or so stations of my favorite artists.  They are on Shuffle and can keep me entertained for hours!  95% of what it plays, I like.  Why shouldn’t it?  It’s so much easier than doing my own programming and it gives me a surprising variety.  Since I pay more attention, this method also increases the chances of hearing guidance.

I love that in the Loving Universe, messages can come to you from all kinds of sources.  I am partial to the song lyrics that jump out at me.

Al Green has been in my heart since I was a young girl.  Sexy and religious.  I like that combination.  The original Reverend Al.  He has a song called “Livin’ for You.”  I believe it is also the title track.  It sounds a bit like he’s Livin’ for a woman.  But it could be God, too.

It got me thinking about what I was living for.  Woody Allen, in his landmark film, Manhattan, has a scene where he’s stretched out on the sofa with a microphone in his hand, attached to a small tape recorder.  He asks himself, “What makes life worth living?”  He lists a few things – works of art, music, and then stumbles into “Tracy’s face.”  Tracy is the lovely girl he’d been keeping at arm’s length since he was twice her age.  Knowing that she was packing to leave Manhattan to go to school in London, the realization propels him off the sofa and into the streets of Manhattan, running to catch her before she goes.

That’s what I call action!  And inspiration.  What is it that can get you up off the chair and out there, running for what you want?

Am I living to pay the bills or for spending quality time with my loved ones?  Am I living to support someone else at the expense of myself?  Am I living for my artwork?

It’s always helpful to review your priorities regularly.  It puts fuel into whatever you do every day.  Letting you see how it fits into your life, moving you closer to your intentions.  It infuses gratitude into everything. Shine the light of what you’re living for!