I tend to get obsessed with getting everything done.  I do set high standards – well, let’s say long lists.  But I’ve found I get far more done when I allow life to lead.

The way to do that –  to allow that to happen without any guilt or remorse – is to remember it will all get done.  All in good time.

“Good Time” means it may fall into another time slot, but it will be rescheduled, soon. With that in place, it’s easier to  remain calm, knowing and trusting that you will do it, eventually, in good time. A good boss would understand that, too.  Whether that distraction was work-related or personal.

Knowing is the key.  We know that if it has to get done, it will.  If the intention has been set to do it, we will.

I’m going to practice allowing life to lead today.  And rest into knowing that whatever doesn’t get done, I will reschedule for another day.  As Paulette Terrels says, “May we do our very best today, and know that it is enough.”  All in Good Time.