Such a simple questions, but how powerful it is!

In resume writing, we ask ourselves that question.  “Organized all files.”  So what?  Who cares about that?  What was the result?  What did it mean for the person you did it for?  How did that make you important to them?  This forces you to think in terms of accomplishments rather than tasks.

Getting in the habit of asking yourself that question (not only in resume writing) helps you to see the impact of what you do. To think of the things you do everyday, even the small things, as having value.

So What is also a very handy antidote to perfectionism.  What if I didn’t get everything done I hoped I would or as well as I wanted?  So what?  Will the world end because everything didn’t get dealt with today in just the right way?  There is always tomorrow.  Maybe it’s important.  Maybe it isn’t.

This person said that!! Oh my!  So what?  Does it change the truth?  This simple question can help you find a way out of anger.  To step over the need to be right.

Actions have consequences.  But usually not as dramatic as our thoughts may have us believe.  That chatter can make us miss the real effects of our actions.

Let So What make your life a little easier.  And it’s so easy to remember!