I keep going on about this Alignment thing.  I have thought about it, written about it, talked about it and observed it.  So I have an updated report:

I believe there is an immediate link when you think and feel and act in alignment.  When your thoughts create good feelings, and then act in accordance with your beliefs and values – based on your feelings.

As I’ve said before, very often our thoughts – created from the flotsam and fauna we have banged into over the years – direct us to do things that make us feel uncomfortable, unsure or less.  Thoughts, left unchecked, can frequently be incorrect and harmful. Sometimes our feelings tell us one thing and our thoughts another.  The thoughts may override the feelings and cause us to do things we know, somewhere, we shouldn’t.

We don’t always trust or honor our feelings, either.  The still small voice that whispers to us can often be ignored.  Those loud, boisterous thoughts that tell us we should sure feel Right.

But, I think, when your thoughts are working with your feelings.  When you honor what you feel, deep down inside as Right (despite evidence to the contrary), you can literally create a funnel through which synchronicity can work through you.

You know how it is.  You wrestle with yourself over rescheduling a date with someone.  At the last minute, you give up and call to see if you can change the plans.  Your friend lets out a sigh.  “I was just going to call and ask you the same thing.”  This is synchronicity at work.

The moral of the story is that you need to honor your feelings, first.  Investigate them to see if they are based on false evidence appearing real or if they really are true.  Are they based on thoughts you want to have? With your thoughts in line behind true feelings, you can then take the action you need to take.  This way you will be in alignment and have integrity.  It may not always come out the way you wanted, but with integrity you have the strength to bend and not break. When you are living in alignment with your integrity, there is really no better place to be.