I can’t remember where I first heard about this.  I’m thinking Maria Nemeth or Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  But I can’t find any reference to it.  I apologize to whoever came up with this.

It’s a simple concept.  You can apply it to plenty of things:  How right are you?  Did you do a good job? Have you forgiven?  Done enough?  Is the job finished?

If you can answer any of these questions with 75%, you’re in good shape.  I find this comforting.  Many times I can say, “Yeah, 75% at least.  Might be closer to 85 or 90!”

This should soothe some of the perfectionism that wants to say it has to be 100% to even be acknowledged.  75% ain’t bad.  What if you could live with that?  With only 25% to go, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore.  And you don’t have to be a slave to perfectionism.

If you can allow 75% to be enough for now, you will find a much calmer and more motivated spirit to take on whatever remains, if you choose.