I’ve heard from many – and say it myself more times than I can count – that things are always difficult for me.  I don’t doubt that my loving parents often said, “It’s always a fight with you.”  Whether that was about going somewhere, doing what they wanted me to do, what I was wearing or my latest passion.

Sometimes it seems like we complicate matters, make things more difficult than they need to be.

But what if that could be changed?  What if, instead, we thought about how easy it always was when we do something?

I doubt if this could cure all our “bad luck” but it can create a much easier flow.  Even if we do hit a snag now and then, we can see that it could’ve been a lot worse.  And that it is only a temporary hiccup, because “it’s always easy with me.”

When we say it’s always difficult, we set ourselves up for failure.  It doesn’t make a hoot of difference if it always has been like that.  Today is a new day and it’s not predestined simply because it has been.  We are malleable creatures and chances are good that some things have come easily.  They just don’t stand out as much as the tricky bits.

So, from now on I want “It’s always easy with me,” to be my chant.  Whenever something holds me up or makes it more difficult, I will look at it with surprise and figure out how I am going to make it easier.