I create New Year’s Intentions every year. This year I’ve been spending more time than usual on it. 2013 has brought changes in my circumstances such that I have more space to create something wonderful!  Maybe a few things.

Truthfully, in previous years I have overloaded myself, thinking a bit bigger than my current reality could produce in the future. So, this year, I thought I’d do it a little differently.

The first step was to think about how I want to feel in the coming year.  What are the qualities I’d like to express?  Like letting go of more negative thinking.  And clearing away blame – especially of myself.

After that I thought about things I could do to let go of negative thinking and clear away blame. Like practicing moving to a better feeling thought.  How about a ritual, like going to the beach, to clear away blame? I also kept in mind my Purpose to Uplift Hearts with my Words.

When I had my Intentions down, I wanted to write some affirmations to keep me on track.  One I’ve used with success in the past is “I am Willing to__ ” and another with statements of what I choose.  I got a little hung up on what the difference is between the two.  I am willing, for instance, to try some new things.  However, I choose to stick to my health routines.

Choosing are concrete action steps I can take and measure.  It is a commitment, a solid given.  Willing is more of a promise.  It’s internal work, an attitude.  A willingness to plant seeds I hope will sprout. It only took one page, filled with things I am willing to do for the year and things I choose.  It felt good, like I’d set something down with a firm foundation.

Another new tactic I took was to keep a separate list of Goals for the Year.  As 2012 came to a close, I noticed quite a few things on my Intentions list that I wasn’t able to, for one reason or another, make happen.  I like the idea that I can maintain my Intention of making my home a more pleasant place to be, without having to kick myself that I wasn’t able to get the new deck furniture.

It feels like it’s going to be a Good Year.  I wish you all abundance, prosperity, good health and the realization of all your New Year’s plans.