I believe in Gratitude.  I think it’s just about the most powerful thing in the Universe.

Gratitude can make something horrible into something tolerable.  It can turn a washed out picnic into a delightful afternoon.  It can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Not a lot of things can lay claim to all of that!

It upsets me that we only celebrate gratitude one day a year.  In some countries, not even that. I need to be grateful that the country where I live, at the very least, does have one day.  But I am sorry for the rest.

Gratitude listing is part of my daily activities.  I often wish I did it more often throughout the day.  Grace before meals can help that.  And perhaps some gratefulness at the end of the day, before going to sleep.

What might happen in our world if everyone took the time to be grateful several times throughout the day?  I’d venture a guess that there would be fewer (if not 0) wars, as everyone would be too happy to wage it.  One of the other powers of Gratitude is that it can wipe out greed. The feeling that a particular country needs or wants a certain piece of land might just become mute.

The same principle might apply to criminal acts.  If everyone’s wallowing around in being grateful for everything they have, chances are they’d be less likely to be interested in yours.

Another benefit of constant gratitude is the willingness (maybe even the drive) to help others.  So the next guy who buys shoes for a homeless person won’t be lauded as a hero, but simply acknowledged and quickly emulated.