I’d like to first, take the time to thank my readers.  Especially those of you who have subscribed and get regular deliveries of my words.  It means so much to me there are souls out there listening.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

In posting on the first module of the book that never was, I have seen it more clearly.  If you will allow a bit of a repeat, I’d like to share my renewed thoughts.

This first class in the Smart Module, “The Cosmology of the Universe,” will take the reader into the planetarium to see how the Universe works.

Section one is “Getting to Know the Loving Universe.”  I now believe this is the most important piece. The place to start is with an overview of the ways this Universe is here for us, working on our behalf.  On Twitter, recently, Neale Donald Walsch said, “There is nothing that happens in life that is not for our benefit, nor can there be, for it would not be happening.”  This section tells of how we come equipped with everything we need, such as curiosity, courage, and imagination.. We find that we are loved constantly and unconditionally.  All we have to do to prove it is look for it.

From there we go to “Tuning into the Twin Constellations of Acceptance and Allowance.”  These powerful twins offer the portal to making our life work.  When we understand how life moves through acceptance and allowance, we see it is the only sane way to live.  If it’s happening, there really is nothing else worth doing than accepting what’s going on. Knowing that it is a Loving Universe helps us to rest into allowing life. Together, Acceptance and Allowance open us to possibilities.

In “Discovering the Vastness of the Now,” the true powers of Acceptance and Allowance come into play. They take us to where everything’s happening.  All things happen in the now.  It’s where all the knowledge, wisdom and awareness that we will ever need resides.