I know this ~

The Universe will bring me all that I need
Or Motivation

So I can just Keep Making Choices for
Following My Dream
        Taking Good Care of Myself
            Connecting with Inspiring People

Don’t Give Up.            Stay.

I can refocus, change my position, turn another way, try something new or  continue on the same path.

I Know What I Choose
I Know What I Need
I Know How to Visualize, Plan and Take Action Steps

All I have to do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other
 Shift my weight
        Dance this way or that
            Sit and Meditate on it
                Dream it again, Write it over
That’s fine!

Just keep

Picking up my foot in the present moment

And putting it on the ground in the next.

Repeat – 1, 2, 1,2, 1,2