When you’ve seen that it’s a loving Universe, it’s easy to fall back on, “The Universe will provide.”

I believe this Universe is made up of energy.  If you’re not consciously directing that energy, it will simply decide you don’t want it moved and leave things, pretty much as they are.

A wise woman I once knew, perhaps quoting form the Unity Church of which she belonged, talked about putting sneakers on your prayers.

Our future is made in the present. If your present consists of sitting and waiting for the Universe, you are likely to continue sitting around and waiting.  The energy is there to be moved and guided.

When you say things like, “I don’t want to be poor,” the Universe hears that you “want to be poor.” But when you get off the pity pot and say, “I want money,” and start doing something about it, you’ve got a far better chance of changing your situation.  You begin to move the energy in the direction of getting money, instead of letting it slack around your poor self.

The Active Verb, Movement, even baby steps, powered by a positive intention is how things get done in this Universe.  Positive affirmations are good and they can keep you going.  But waiting for the Universe to provide food for your belly, isn’t going to fill it.