Fall creates an interesting pull for me.  I don’t want summer to go (and I am never looking forward to winter.)  But then again, when it’s been so hot, the cooler air is refreshing. Those who have been hiding from the summer heat can come back out. Window are opened again. I adore Fall, with its colors and sweaters. Perhaps there will be an Indian Summer. Maybe in mid to late October it will get warm again.

There are many legends for why it’s called “Indian Summer.”  The scientific facts are about a warmer period after it’s been cooler, usually from September to November in the Northern Hemisphere.   Some stories say it’s the time Indians could perform raids without leaving tracks, as the snow was gone.  I like the one that says it’s the time when Native Americans would harvest or have bonfires that created the warmer temperatures and haziness.

I was never really big on going back to school, but there is an excitement surrounding it.  New clothes, new supplies, new friends.  Back to school harkens of new experiences, big changes.  Maybe the cooler air brings with it opportunities that were not available while everyone was enjoying the summer time.  Or too hot to move.

The Fall colors stir me. The foliage fills me with delight.  Summer lushness is wonderful, but there’s something about the Fall which reveals anew the majesty of God’s Art.  What perfect colors they are!  Working together, can I say, naturally. The way they catch the sunlight, the yellows and oranges seem to glow. It makes me feel calm at heart, as if everything’s right with the world.

The Fall means sweaters and light jackets. Something you can throw over your shoulder if it gets too warm.  It can produce a new wardrobe, whether for back to school or just resurrecting put-away-clothes. Fall means empty, wind-swept beaches.  It’s quieter and more peaceful than the summer, as if the world itself is awaiting something wonderful to happen.