Who remembers the television show, The Rockford Files?  I always liked Jim Rockford.  As a private investigator, it was a good idea for him to carry a gun.  But he kept it in the cookie jar in his trailer by the beach in Los Angeles.  He loved to fish, so he kept his trailer close to the ocean. A practical man, Jim Rockford.

One of his qualities I particularly admired, was his ability to read people.  He had an uncanny sense (thanks to the writers) to know when he was being conned.  There wasn’t always a way out of the situation from that sense, but he could tell you who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. A handy skill in his trade, no doubt.

There used to be a commercial showing a woman coming into a restaurant to meet a friend for breakfast.  Her friend was already there, enjoying a luscious plate of French Toast.  As our heroine looks hungrily at it, a dial spins in front of her, telling the calories and nutritional information.  No thanks, she says and turns to the cart of other options.  This one is less fat, but not as much nutrition.  Ah, yes, this plate has the right balance!  As they leave, both spot a handsome man.  Our heroine knows not to bother: Married, two kids.  She smiles and keeps walking.

How cool would that be?  To have an inner radar that told you what was really going on.  This would help you to make far more informed choices.

But, perhaps this dial would shut off options,  Only knowing the facts, doesn’t always tell you the whole truth.  How does she know this man is happy with his wife and two kids?  Maybe he hasn’t seen them in years.

Having the facts, plus an inner sense about people is a powerful combination.  If you take the time to get quiet and listen for guidance, I believe, you can develop that sense.  As for the calories or martial status, you might be able to look up both on your phone or computer, but it could be wiser to bank on your well-honed inner knowing in the moment.

Rockford would.  He’d spend time researching all the facts he could, but when it came down to it, when someone had a gun in his back, all he had was his gut.  And it usually came through for him.