I  get annoyed at injustices.  When people don’t treat me or others the way I think they should, my blood starts to boil!

Well, let’s see, we’ve got expectations going on. The fact is, I am expecting people to act a certain way. It’s also a “should” staring me right in the face.

There kind of can’t be any universal justice because what’s “righteous” for me, may not be for you.  But, I guess we need to come up with some laws or agreements on what’s right and what’s wrong in our society.  If we were more evolved, though, I don’t think we would need to fuss about such things.  We’d all just treat each other equally.

So, the point is not whether or not the Justice system is valid.  Instead the issue is if I am wise to judge an act wrong, much less expect that people or situations must be a certain way.  Does it make sense for me to get upset about what I see as an injustice, if there’s nothing I can do about it?

Maybe it’s about what my part is. Perhaps I get angry, go that far, because I feel guilty that I’m not doing anything to change the situation. Who am I to judge the behavior as “wrong,” if I’m just sitting back and letting it happen?

I must be entitled to my opinion about it, though.  Don’t you think?  Aren’t I free to say this is something I find objectionable?  No, no, no.  It’s about seeing the beauty in everything, rather than judging it.  I can still tell the truth about what’s going on.  Somebody has to.  But I need not judge it before I can decide how I wish to be in relationship to it.   Just tell the truth as I see it.

So, first I need to stop judging that something is wrong.  It isn’t absolutely right or wrong, it just is. If I accept it, just as it is, I am still able to see the injustice.  I don’t have to get so angry and frustrated. The anger is only useful to get me fired up enough to do something about it.   But in that state, not carried away by my anger, I can see better ways to solve the problem.  Or, I can make a decision to let it go.