What could you achieve if you’re never told what you’re doing is silly (or otherwise shouldn’t)?  What if you were always encouraged to keep doing what you love to do?  And that approval was mirrored back to you in everyone around you?

I was just wondering . . .

What if you were constantly told you could, no matter what might strike your fancy to do?  If there was always help, at every turn, to answer your questions, show you how it’s done.  Someone who would hold your hand and keep whispering to you how wonderful you are, how capable you are, as you step into foreign territory.

It kind of piqued my curiosity to wonder what you could become.

As I wrote about earlier, it’s so easy to undermine someone’s confidence with the “wrong” words.  No matter how well meaning.  But what if you never heard those wrong words, never even thought them?

I imagine we could all be so much more if we had someone (or 2) to nurture us as we stepped out of our comfort zones.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to try new things if we knew we had someone to catch us?

Everywhere I look, I hear of these young people – 18, 19, 20 or so – who seem to have no limits on what they can accomplish.  Musician?  Sure.  Artist? Why not?  Film maker?  Of course.  Designer?  Yeah, that too.  I might be concerned that they’ll spread themselves too thin.  But I don’t think it works that way for them. Maybe they’ll just have a lot more fun, be happier, more productive and creative than any previous generation.  Who knows what they might discover?  How they might be able to change the world, solve its problems?

What if this freedom is tempered with love and care for their fellow humans?  Then what?