1) Do What Needs to Be Done
Taking care of business always makes you feel more at peace.

2) Be Good To Yourself
Making sure to get the care you need will certainly strengthen your foundation!

3) Create Harmony Around You
Keeping harmony in your environment will support peace. Getting rid of clutter is one way. You also contribute to harmony through your state of mind.

4) Make a Choice To Be Peaceful
Some days, surely, it is more difficult than others. Still, you can stop a moment, take a breath and make a new choice to be peaceful, no matter what is going on.

5) Return To The Present Moment
There you will see that all is well. The more you do this, the more it builds your foundation.

6) Keep Your Promises
This goes along with taking care of business. Doing what you say you’re going to do will give you a deep sense of peace. I might even call this the keystone of the foundation. Remember, too, to keep promises to yourself, as well.

7) Do What You Love
Make sure to include something you love in each day. Try to take even one step toward a dream. Savoring these moments will show your belief in yourself. Surely that will support your peace!

8) Move Through Any Resistance
Rack up successfully moving through resistance.  Like present moment awareness, it will accumulate. The more you transmute resistance or fear, the stronger your peace and the sturdier your foundation.

Happy Building!