America has a song called, “This Time.”  It has a lyric that always gets me.  “I’ve seen confusion in your eyes.  I’ve seen uncertainty and fear.”

Sometimes I feel like I’m always wandering around in uncertainty and fear.   What will happen next?  Will I get what I’m after?

I have to remind myself that my doubts are, in fact, understandable, but not based in fact.  What I’m trying to do is big.  However, there are far more indicators which say I can succeed.

Perhaps that’s what scares me.  The thought of winning and what that means.  Could it really be possible that I could get what I want?  What if it’s taken away before I get a chance to enjoy it?

I don’t want those fears to stop me!

An antidote I’ve found is to simply make a choice to allow the good stuff to flow into my life.  Feel it, be it, own it.  Don’t shy away from it.  Remain in the present moment and open to it.

If I stay out of the “muck of negativity,” (those sticky negative feelings of doubt which make it so much harder to move forward) I can take better care of myself by enjoying the process, whether I win or not. Keeping my eye on the intention.

But if those fears threaten to overwhelm me, when I feel I can’t control it and it’s shoving me back into that muck of uncertainty and fear, I’m just going to take a step in the present moment.  Pick up my other foot and take another step in the next.  One step at a time I will get to where I’m going.