I just can’t help it.  I love Top Gear.  It’s a program about cars that airs on BBC America. 

We, of course, get it after the fact, here in the States.  They run the episodes frequently and I have seen almost all of them, several times.  Yet, I willingly, happily watch them again and again.

Why is that?  I can’t say I’m a big car fanatic or anything close to it.  Though I have been known to turn a head for a beautiful, fast car. The flashy cars are certainly fun and exciting and a large part of the show.  But I think what keeps me coming back for more are the presenters, as they call themselves. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.  All accomplished presenters in their own right, with backgrounds in broadcasting.  Each know a lot about cars and love them.  I have to say though they make this one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time. The three have distinct personalities and full of antics.

Of course, the main thing they do is review cars on their test track.  Jeremy usually does this because he’s so passionate and expressive.  He’ll shriek that the car is magic!  But then he’ll point out its flaws and say it’s rubbish!  If you think excited reviews of expensive cars would be boring, you should see how it looks!  With incredible production work, the camera angles are a sight to behold, flashing and clipping.  On top there’s a very cool soundtrack.

A regular feature includes a guest star. (Many of them are British personalities that I’ve never heard of.) They put them in a “reasonably priced car” and send them round their track.  Stars compete for the best times.

My favorite is when they all purchase cars (usually within a budget) and then are given a series of challenges. They had a certain amount of money one show, let’s say 3000 pounds, and they were told to buy a car a teenage would like.  With the money they had left over, they were to get insurance on the car.  The rates were so high for teenage boys they had to lie to get a policy they could afford.  Another challenge was to pull in a driveway at night and the sound level was measured. They were to be quiet so as not to wake their “parents.”  They tally up the scores afterwards to see who wins, fudging the numbers as necessary.

They have travelled all over Europe, Japan, United States, with amazing cars on amazing roads, doing hilarious things!  One time they raced through London, James in a car, Hammond on a motor bike, Jeremy in a boat.  Another time, they had to pick a car and each escorted part of a wedding party.  James, of course, got lost.  One episode had them creating cars that would sail. Another time they designed their own caravans (mobile homes).  Sometimes they’ll have an Aston Martin, a Porsche and a Ferrari and try to find the best road for driving.

They seem to have an endless array of ideas which keep me interested and laughing from start to finish.