What a delightful place to be!  Everything is so fresh and new.   When I first started on my job, I looked around and saw all the places of clutter.  How could anyone work like that?  But now, after months and months, I no longer see what’s accumulated for me.

Alec Guinness starred in a movie called “The Scapegoat” in 1959.  In it, his character takes a vacation in France to escape his boring life and meets up with a rich man who is tired of his life and so they switch places.  In the new role, with fresh eyes, he sees things the man before him didn’t. And he’s able to solve problems and mend fences.

In Beginner’s Mind you can be with the ordinary and see it in extraordinary ways.  When you’re just beginning, you have no past to compare with. Nor do you have a history to dictate what is to come.

This is a good time of year to come back to Beginner’s Mind.  Some may tell you to look at what you’ve done over the past year.  But that may cause you to see something that didn’t work out as you’d plan.  Don’t let that color what you can dream up for the year to come! It’s far more important to look forward and imagine what could be anew.

What can you do in the New Year?  Beginner’s mind sees unlimited possibilities.  Stay open in Beginner’s mind and see all roads.

Paulette Terrels had some good suggestions for the New Year: “Perhaps we could each write a list of the goals we would like to reach for in our personal relationships.  Then, we might set a goal for our creative expressions.  How do we want to experience this new year, and what will be our first step in each direction? Let’s think about our desires, write then down before Sunday, and also include our first action steps to begin our journey toward success.”

Remember that these are goals, intentions, and desires.  Don’t stress out over them and don’t list more for yourself than you can do.  The important part is to take action steps toward reaching them.  And allow your mind to be open to the extraordinary possibilities.

Happy New Year!