How good it feels to relax and let go.  To not be attached to time – even  psychological time.  Doing what you feel, when you feel it.  Sleeping, eating, resting.  Not pulled down by things having to be a certain way.  Not shaped within the confines of the structure of time, it lengthens.  The days last longer. It feels like it’s late afternoon and it’s only 1:30. 

I tune into the rhythms of nature, the leaves moving easily in the breeze.  The sun meandering its way through the trees. It feels a bit like my body systems are moving slower, too.  As if floating on the rise and fall of a wave, gently rolling.  I don’t seem to be striving for anything. 

Is it time now to shift gears? No, I’m in the same gear I was when I woke up.  When was that anyway?  As if I’m reclining on a comfy chair, with nowhere to be at any particular time.  Does it make me clearer or foggier?  I cannot yet say. I wonder what it will feel like when I leave this place?

Like lifting off your feet in water, trusting it to keep you afloat.  Allowing the breeze to touch your skin without cringing in cold. Suddenly all those things that were making me feel tight and constricted have flittered away like the butterflies from the Mexican Sunflowers.

The icy goodness of a cool, fruity beverage slides down my throat like a caterpillar through the grass. It eases the heat like bare feet through wet grass.

Things that once seemed so important are forgotten as I ponder the sunlight shifting or the flight path of the butterfly.  Everything seems far away and quiet.

Now I get up gently to get in the water, just ’cause I feel like it. There is something so freeing about the feel of the water supporting and surrounding me.  I lift off the bottom of the pool and I float, trusting.  I have a real sense of now. Being outside of time.  Without wanting or needing it to be any different than it is.