How do you feel when you get a song stuck in your head?  Sometimes it can be annoying.  If it’s something you don’t like, or a jingle, it can feel like the song is haunting you.  Other times it might be a pleasant lyric that makes you smile.  But I often get frustrated because my stuck songs usually skip and repeat the same couple of bars.

What about the lyrics we’re singing?  When I sing, it’s usually with passion – especially in the shower or in the car, alone.  I know the songs well and listen to them often and sing the lyrics with gusto.  I have probably repeated these songs more often (and in some cases more fervently) than prayers.  And we know how powerful prayers are!

I’ve often wondered if some of the things I believe have come directly from the songs I have listened to and sang with such feeling over the years.  (Maybe this is a good reason to be fickle in your musical tastes.)

This kind of occurrence, whether singing with feeling or just having a lyric stuck in your head, is like an affirmation.  It’s something you repeat over and over again.  “Since my baby left me . . . ” It starts to color how you’re looking at life and how you’re feeling. We need to be careful which lyrics we’re playing in our heads.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a stuck song.  Being aware of what you’re saying can help to keep you from ruining your whole day with some negative saying like, “I’m so lonesome, I could cry.”

We can certainly control what we’re singing passionately.  Is it a sad love song?  Or is it positive, upbeat, with a good philosophy?  I’ve always enjoyed, “Walking on sunshine.”  Keep an ear out for those songs that make you feel good, uplifted and more loving.  Let them get stuck in your head!