My new coach has given me an assignment.  It’s an abundance practice.  As she tells the story,  I have a rich aunt who gives me a hundred dollars.  The only stipulation is that I have to spend it. Tomorrow, and each day henceforth, she will double her gift to me.  Every day I must spend my allotment.  Okay, so I had some fun buying  new clothes and furniture.  But when it got into the $100,000 range, I got a little stuck.  I decided I’d been greedy enough, now it was time to give.  So, I gave $25,000 each to four different charities – for peace, to fight hunger, Habitat for Humanity, and a foundation for teenage girls.  Low and behold, I was left with $2,400. What to do with it?  How about a nice vacation? 

I liked that.  How much does a vacation cost?  I picked my destination and started looking at luxury resorts.  I found a lovely one by the beach.  I wish I knew how to drop in a picture!  Turned out I had to book one of their best rooms, take the spa package and stay 6 days . . . life is rough!

SARK has an exercise she uses.  I think she calls it an Instant Vacation.  (Not sure of that.)  She has a program called SARK’s Awesome Anytime Adventure.  She is one who believes in such things. 

SARK instructs you to get comfortable and imagine your ideal vacation in detail.  It was a Sunday, so I went for it.  I laid down and imagined us arriving at the hotel, a porter, of course, will take our bags to the room.  He explains some of the amenities of the hotel and tells us about some good music in the local town.  I went through each day – one day we walked into town and did some shopping, another day we just sat at the beach, another, we took a boat cruise.  One morning we spent at their gorgeous pool. Every afternoon we went to the spa for a little workout and a massage.  They offered surfing lessons, which we just had to try. Wow, did I feel good!  One evening we went into town to check out the scene.  Another evening we stayed at the hotel and had dinner in their restaurant and hung out the poolside bar.  We took lots of walks on the beach and had a scrumptious time!

I can’t say that after my meditation session I felt like I had been pampered for a week, but I did feel pretty good.  One might even say I was refreshed.

But here’s the kicker.  On the  reality plane, there is no $2400 vacation in my future.  What exists is a long weekend at a friend’s house.  Can’t compete with a week’s resort  stay. 

I don’t understand it.  Maybe it has to do with the body not knowing the difference.  It is the feelings that count, after all.  I’m excited about our weekend getaway – almost as if we were spending a week at the beach.  I’m looking forward to each little detail of the weekend, what I will wear, what we will do, the feel of the water in the pool, the sun on my face, the evening breezes, the fun we’ll have with our friends.  I can’t wait!

Feelings are truly powerful juju.