I’m working with a new coach.  She has a different tactic.  Instead of the usual make-a-plan-take-action-be-accountable, she wants me to feel it. Every day, I’m to spend some time feeling what it will be like when I have accomplished what I want.  As if it’s already here.

I have to say, it’s been putting me in a good mood in the here and now. In place of my fussing about traffic or the day’s activities, I’m feeling the qualities I want to bring into my life from the actions I plan to take. Words like Balance and Freedom, Space, and Ease, fill my head and my body as I think about living with this new scenario.

The idea, I believe, is that in spending time thinking about what I want to achieve, I then feel the feelings associated with it and begin to vibrate at that level.

It is what the Law of Attraction is all about.  Like attracts like. Rather than be stuck in yearning for what I want and disdain for what I have, I practice wearing the new life.  As I harmonize with Balance and Freedom, I sort of put out a call to them. This should increase my satisfaction level when it does manifest. I will be ready for it and know clearly when it arrives by how it feels.

This process also keeps me open to other possibilities for the manifestation.  I’ve said this before: If I’m insisting on a flappy paddle gear box, I may miss an even better car.  If it doesn’t have to be a Porsche 911 to provide the exciting ride I’m after, I have a lot more options.  I can have the feeling of speed and the thrill of the wind in my hair with any number of, perhaps, less pricey cars.  If all I really want is to feel abundant and look cool, there are plenty more avenues to feel that without the expense and maintenance of a sports car.

Perhaps, if I spend enough time feeling what I want to feel, I won’t even need to take the actions, as I’ll be where I choose to be.