When you come from fear you react to things.  You are, as the name suggests, motivated by fear. That fear often comes from thoughts that you are not in control in some area.  That you feel someone is trying to take your power, your money, usurp your position, make you look bad, or keep you from what you really want.

However, when you come from this place of fear, your judgment is often clouded, as is your true vision of the situation. So, you tend to see things that support your view, not necessarily what’s true or real.

When you come from love you know you have everything you need.  And if you don’t, you know you are capable of getting it for yourself.  You don’t need to count on someone else to give it to you. When you come from love your vision is no longer clouded and you can see the other with eyes of understanding, rather than anger or fear.  From this stance, you are in a much stronger position to ask for what you want, calmly and rationally. And state your case as necessary, in the most loving way you can.

From a place of love you know that we are all responsible or our own needs and you see that it is not your place to heal or cure or even steer the other in whatever you think is the right direction.

People often think that coming from a place of love puts them in a vulnerable position. I would say that’s untrue. Just because you love doesn’t make you a doormat.  In fact, it helps you to choose how you wish to act, rather than reacting and responding from a place of need.  Now that is a vulnerable place!

Everything we do is either from love or fear.  It’s important to look before you act. Check your feelings.  Are you feeling scared and fearful?  Or are you able to feel love and stand firm?

In the end, we always make the choice. It’s a choice no one can take away from us.  No matter what state we are in, what else is going on around us, we can decide whether we will come from love or fear.