I fell in love with music when I was still very young.  My brother (Jeff Scott) had a band which practiced in our living room.  I thought there was nothing cooler on the planet than that!

My love blossomed as a teenager.  When I felt misunderstood, scared or alone, my music was always there.  There were many temptations to take the wrong path, but  music provided a retreat, a place to put my attention and energies. No matter where I went, no matter what I did, music was always there. Music may well have saved my life.

I spent a number of years in the recording business.  I learned a few things while there. Perhaps I gained an understanding that the average person doesn’t have. The extra knowledge may have contributed something to the deep devotee of music I have become; infusing it with spiritual properties.

Tell me, what else can calm, excite and inspire?  Music can make me fall asleep or put me in a meditative state.  Music can get me up off my butt and moving!  Whenever I witness a live music performance, I always have more to write the next day.  Music keeps me company on quiet, alone days.  It brings familiarity to strange situations.

I am of the belief that music is a gift from the Divine.  The vast array of it, to suit every taste and mood, can only come from a Loving Universe. Music is part of almost every spiritual practice. It’s a language that can be understood on some level, by everyone. The sheer volume of it, speaks of an omnipotent presence. Even in this New Age, when music is not produced nor distributed the way it once was, there’s still access to more of it than any one person can listen to in a lifetime. And there is always something new to discover!  That’s nothing short of magical.

Dear Music,

I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me throughout my life.  I would not be the person I am without you.  When others let me down, you have always been there. The artists I love, I have loved with a devotion and loyalty not held with such consistent intensity for anything else in my life. You have been my rock and my beacon.  I promise to honor you at every turn, be willing to upgrade to new technology whenever necessary and never forget how much you bring to my life.  I pray you will always be close.

All My Love,