I tend to get caught up in waiting on others.  I need this one to do something before I can continue what I’m doing.  If another does his part, then I will know how to proceed.  I hope this person will be able to help me.  If she’ll let me, I’d like to do that for her.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t move until others take action.

I’m coming to see that I could wait forever.  At some point, I have to let go and allow life to move as it will.  And take my steps with or without the others’ input.  I will, eventually, move the person by my action.  If I don’t do it, it may be possible that no one ever will. 

They say that it’s better to take action and be wrong (love and lose) than not to take action at all (not love at all).  Some of my deepest regrets are surely the times I didn’t do something, actions I didn’t take.

I think it requires some surrender and trust that everything will be fine.  Life may not hand out guarantees on that, though. But I know that whatever I’m pursuing will have a much better chance of being fine if I have faith and move ahead anyway.