Cheryl Richardson speaks about creating an Ideal Profile.  I have heard this notion before.  To outline what you want in a perfect world, if things were just exactly the way you want them. I blanch at the idea of this, frankly.  Because I so often make too specific demands.  I go overboard and get it down to the color of the shutters on the windows. And so often, I’m disappointed.

I realize, though, the validity of this process.  It’s a really good place to start.  If you don’t know what you want, you’re going to have a very hard time finding it.  I like to say, too, that if you don’t know where you’re going, what you’re aiming for, it’s highly unlikely that you will arrive – or realize it when you’re there. And as Cheryl Richardson points out in her examples – you might throw out the baby with the bath water  – giving up something good for the wrong reasons.  Treating something that isn’t really the problem. 

Cheryl tells us of a woman thinking about selling her successful business because she has grown tired of the work and uninspired.  When Cheryl suggested she try the Ideal Profile exercise, the woman came up with a description of her ideal client. Then, Cheryl asked her to “give up good for great.”  That meant, not settling for less than the ideal, not taking on a client that was “almost” there.  In the process she turned her business into one that truly excited her.  The trick is to have the faith to pass on something that is close enough. Instead to hold out for everything you want.  Wow!  That feels hard to do.  What if I end up with nothing?  But that’s the risk and I think it pays off.

Caroline Myss describes money as something which faith attracts. I know this about the law of attraction that if you don’t think you deserve something, you probably won’t get it. This holding out process says, yes, I can have this.  I believe our President won, against all odds, with something similar.

I have done this before and watched the Universe produce.  I wanted a new bag.  My coach had me outline just exactly what I wanted to carry and then let it go.  That’s an important step.  Otherwise you keep looking for those shutters and miss the perfect house just because it has slightly different shutters. I ended up finding the perfect bag in my closet.  That worked because I had a clear picture of what I was looking for and didn’t feel I had to settle for anything less.

Let’s take a moment with this concept of letting go.  I could, perhaps, write 3 or 4 posts on this topic.  It can be key in attracting things into your life.  Neediness doesn’t create a wide open path to you.  If you need it too much, you actually shut down the flow. That certainly speaks to your deserv-ability.  Neediness turns your faith way down.  So the letting go, the surrendering to whatever happens, the trust factor, is crucial in attracting and finding what you really want.

When you are light about it, you have a sense of knowing that it will arrive. You know you deserve it, so you’re not worried about.  From this place, you’re more able to give up the good and wait for the great to show up.

The process has to begin with your intention – your Ideal profile, your specific request if you will. You can use this Ideal Profile in many places.  Certainly for a new job, but also for a pen, or even what you want to eat. Feel good about it, imagine yourself having it, generate some good feelings around it, knowing you deserve to have it and then let go.  Then, all you have to do is rejoice when what you’ve asked for arrives.