My friend is always saying that.  At first, it sounds like the standard instructions if you find yourself aflame.  The truth is, it works pretty well if the fire is emanating from your eyes or your feet.

If you’re running at break-neck speed it is always wise to stop.  Take a breath. That’s where life is lived, where the music is felt; in the rests between the notes.  You’re bound to find yourself in big trouble if you don’t stop once in awhile.

The drop is not about getting below the smoke, but to sink down into the present moment. If you just stop without dropping, you could miss the warning signs, as well as the beautiful moments of your life.  Dropping gives you the perspective of the Now. In the present moment is where you can hear your thoughts and feel your feelings.

The most interesting part is what comes next: the Roll. It’s where you accept. You need to fully embrace the moment you found when you dropped. It may seem counter- intuitive in some situations. Say you’re a teenager and you’re running with a fast crowd.  You stop to catch your breath, drop into the present moment and say, “Wow, what am I doing here?”  It may not be wise or convenient to run out the door, your nose in the air.  You may need a little more tact than that. It might take going to an adult for help.  What you resist persists. If you don’t embrace and accept what’s happening, you will find yourself with another group of people asking you to do the wrong things. You must accept where you are and roll with it in order to fully change it.

Good advice with no flames in sight.