I suppose we’re spoiled around here.  It’s been cloudy for two days and raining all day.  But, you know what the Beatles say, “When it rains, it’s just a state of mind.” They should know, growing up in Liverpool. As I remember it, “March winds, April showers bring May flowers.”  We’ve had the winds, maybe it’s time for the showers.  (Though it being early March, I doubt we’re just around the corner from flowers.) Though it’s true that rain – especially the kind they call “heavy at times” – can be dangerous, it’s just nature’s way of washing away any dirty snow still lingering.  And watering the trees and plants so we don’t have to.  Conceivably it will bring the flowers, eventually. It refreshes the water table, too. (Sometimes a bit more than it can handle at once. Anyone who says weather isn’t getting more violent, isn’t paying attention.)  The rain changes the light inside and out. It exposes new angles.  It also makes one appreciate the sunny days even more. 

We may not be able to accurately predict all weather’s twists and turns, one thing we do know for sure is that it will change. Today may be gloomy and wet, but it will dry out and the sun will come out again. 

Impermanence is a fact of all our lives. Nothing stays the same.  Some people find that disconcerting. But it’s rather a waste of time because before you finish blinking, something will have changed.  God is the only thing that is unchangeable.  Everything we see around us will eventually crumble or die.  Jobs change, people change, environments change, music changes, preferences changes, cultural norms change, weather patterns change.  Everything fades or transforms. If you insist on counting on things remaining the same you will be sorely disappointed.

Like the tree which bends in the wind, we need to allow for the inevitable shifts. Find yourself a root and then allow yourself to sway.

I am the official coffee cup holder.  I love our Subaru Outback, but the older model is not well endowed with convenient cup holders.  After the winter we’ve had, the roads are not what you’d call smooth. When I try to keep it stabilized, on my knee for instance, I end up with coffee on my leg.  But if I hold the cup in the air and move with the bumps, I stay drier. 

It’s the same thing with impermanence.  If we can hold ourselves more gently, expecting the change to come, but stay grounded in what we believe, we can allow the inevitable winds to blow.  From this place we only need to enjoy the ride!