What we tell yourselves is powerful! We can convince ourselves of all kinds of things.  Most people cling to these thoughts as if they were written in stone.

As far as I know, the brain is not made of stone. So nothing is set in concrete.  We are the ones who put those thoughts there.  No one else forces us to plant them. Though some may encourage or even urge you to, without your consent (or some serious hypnosis) it’s hard to make you think something you don’t accept.

I think we all get too caught up in what we think. Thoughts are actually quite malleable. They can be changed.   It’s true that once you’ve convinced yourself of something, it can be a chore to replace your thought.  Even when you want to.

But consider the alternative: Changing the outside world to fit what you think. As hard as it may be to change your mind about something, it’s a whole lot harder (if not impossible) to change another person or the situation as it is.

So, if you’re telling yourself that something is awful, say for example the weather, or that you’ve been done wrong by a person or a corporation, it really does little good to try to change that company’s ways (or the chilly wind).  The only place you have a fighting chance of changing anything is through your perception of it. By altering  your thought.

This can certainly lend itself to Forgiveness.  People so often resist this simple and elegant release of unpleasant thoughts.  Un-forgiveness is only a thought which gets stuck.  It has no bearing on the “other” who caused you to not want to forgive.  It is all about you.  The thought that says you can’t forgive is what keeps you in that pain.  Nothing else does.  The other person, probably, couldn’t care less what you think.  It does no harm or benefit to them when you let go of the thought and decide to forgive.  Gone is all the emotional pain and baggage you’ve been carrying. Simply by changing your thought!

I’m not saying it’s always an easy process.  (Especially in the arena of forgiveness.)  But it is possible.  It’s the only thing we have real control over. And the control we have is effective. It can transform situations in an instant.

Thoughts are powerful. They can create pain or joy.  If you want to fill your head with good thoughts, try Wendy Fedan’s class, starting March 10th.  You can check out these two links.  It’s God-based and a really good deal!

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