I find, sometimes, that I don’t spend enough time celebrating the wins.  I’m talking about the little ones.  The big ones are easier to spot and note.  But those times when you get something right or someone says something nice to you. Today, I actually got compliments from two very diverse sources, on the same object of inquiry.  It was not asked for and was directed at something I had done a long time ago. Neither had to say anything at all. It felt good. Especially in one day!

Now, a reader pointed out that a thing really isn’t either good or bad. It is only our perception that makes them one way or the other  Those that follow the Buddha will tell you about the Middle Way. That Equanimity is the way to go.  Where everything is just what it is. I agree that Judgments are never a good idea.  And it is true, if you go too high up, you’re likely to come crashing down. 

Since this is the Positive Slant, though, I put myself out of business (or at least out of a Blog) if I buy too far into that.  Personally, I like the idea of seeing it all as Good, even if that is a judgment and may one day get me into trouble.  It keeps me more centered in the present moment if I trust that it is all good.

So, if I’m going to accept and allow everything with a glad heart, I figure, I might as well practice on the things that feel obviously good. And I get in a whole lot more of that practice if I keep an eye out for even the small ones.

If you can’t acknowledge and appreciate the wins, how can you possibly greet with equanimity those things that might appear to be losses? I clearly feel better and stronger, more able and willing to do more, when I celebrate the good things.