I think most of us know that the present moment is the best place to be.  I am finding it difficult these days, though,  with the incessant drama of the weather.  The weather people seem to want to play on my fears as if it will boost their ratings or get them better advertisers.  They have me dreading weather systems days ahead.  Last week, it was only something the computer thought might happen.  (I still maintain that meteorology should be on a par with astrologers.  After all, the wind is far more likely to change a weather pattern than a star.)

But I have strayed once again from the topic at hand:  Present moment awareness.  (Though weather is the venue I am using.)  I find it extremely helpful with these ongoing bouts of weather lately, to stay where I am. It was a week ago, Saturday.  We were going to a party. There were flurries predicted, but a big storm was on the way for Tuesday.  I wasn’t too keen on going out in the cold and damp.  I generally prefer to stay home and at a consistent temperature on days like that.  But there I was, in the present moment, going to this party.  That was clearly the way the wind was blowing. There I was stressing about the upcoming storm and what it might do that night.  Well, there was clearly nothing I could do about it then.  So, I made a choice to be there, in the present moment.  And I enjoyed the party far more because of it.

In a warmer climate, my niece was preparing for a college entry interview.  She had done the work she needed to do and the interview was still hours away.  I suggested that she try to stay in the moment of the trip to get there, the visit with her friends and not think about the interview until she got there.  In that moment she could shine her eagerness and excitement. I believe she was calmer and did better in the interview because of it.

I like present moment awareness because it is always there.  As close as your next breath.  All you need to fire it up is one second of choice, of awareness, of remembrance.