What about this concept of “Handling”?  That’s what SARK calls it.  She says, when you take your dreams out and handle them, you help to move them forward.  Makes sense to me.

Babies, they say, need touching and attention to grow.  It’s the same thing as “nothing breeds writing like writing.”  What you resist persists.  What you pay attention to expands.  So, if you pay attention to something you want in your life, you bring more of it to you. 

Let’s say you’re interested in cars.  You read car magazines, you watch car shows (like my beloved Top Gear).  You go to car shows.  You talk to your friends about cars.  There are a lot of cars in your life!

I found recently, when I put even the smallest amount of attention into a project I’m working on, ideas started to come to me. And I was eager to work on it again.  All I did was play with a few concepts, moving them here and there. This created a flow in me.  Momentum, if you will, which carried over into the next day.  I believe it was the lightness with which I did it.  Just to fill some time.  Nothing pressing.  Nothing I had to do.  Just tossing some balls in the air. Within twenty four hours it had congealed into something more solid that I could work with and shape.

A friend of mine thinks that’s how I work, not her.  I don’t believe that.  I think we are all creative, energetic beings.  And when we “handle” something, when we decide to put our attention into things, they expand.  I’m not sure there’s any other way for momentum to build.  No better way to keep it going into an easy flow.  You can’t get into the zone by not showing up. By not getting your hands wet.