Today I want to write about what can happen when your thoughts line up to produce the feelings you want.  Not only will that move you to act in certain ways (pre-paved by your choice of thoughts) but, I believe, it also sets up the vortex which the Hicks speak about in putting the Law of Attraction into action.

It is the feelings part which really attracts. Like attracts like. It is the person who feels friendly, who tells himself it is a friendly world, who, in fact, experiences the world as friendly. What I’m pondering today is if this creates synchronicity.  Maybe it, at least, opens the way for it.

What I know about synchronicity is that acknowledging it makes it happen more often, keeps it coming.  But I wonder: if your thoughts are telling you to look for it (or if you chant “So Hum” to conjure it) and your feeling is one of expectation that things will work synchronistically, will that create a funnel for it to work through you?

It all comes back to the Thought – Feeling – Action connection. I like to say that it’s difficult to control your emotions (especially once they’ve caught fire).  But your thoughts are much easier to get a handle on.  Even if it’s a long term process of changing them, that shift will make your life work more easily.

Whether or not it will create a synchronistic flow, getting your thoughts and feelings lined up the way you want them is a very empowering thing to do.