Judgments are a different animal than evaluating and assessing.  Judgments put you in a state of resistance. You are putting a label on it.  Judging it good or bad instead of just allowing it to be whatever it is.  These judgments come from your thoughts. You tell a particular story, creating a rigid definition, which doesn’t allow it to be any other way.

This is a different process from taking a reading on how something is making you feel, noticing how you’re reacting to it.  It doesn’t restrict or limit the thing, event, happening, person, to be any different from what it is.  You’re just assessing how you feel it about it, evaluating what you’re telling yourself about it.

Judgment keeps you in a state of denial, wrought up in emotion.  Even if it’s a “good” emotion, you can still become stuck and unable to see what’s really going on around you.

Judgments keep you out of the present moment, as they generally come from the past.  It was like this then, it must surely be like this now.  It doesn’t leave room for the inevitable change and the acceptance of how things are at the moment.

I’m judging that the only “good” thing about judgments is that they can alert you to places where you are being too rigid.  They paint a picture of where you need to release.