There are several ingredients you can use for a Motivation Shake.  Have-to certainly gets one going.  Money can be a tasty ingredient, in moderation.  A compelling reason like children might well motivate as well.  Pressure or nagging have been known to get  a body going.

There are a lot more interesting ingredients you can use.  Choosing any two or more of these can make for a powerful cocktail that will not only get you going, but keep you on the path, long after some of the previously mentioned motivations have burned out.

Being inspired is a wonderful mother dough if you’ve got one.  Add a little excitement and curiosity and you are cooking on all cylinders. Joy and delight can produce a good steady flavor.

Overflowing passion – doing it for love – can carry most of us a long way.

Collaboration and Community can keep you moving steadily forward.  Purpose and Commitment can take you to the finish line.

Look around for these ingredients.  See where you can create more.  Pick them up like a perfectly colored leaf, a shiny stone or a fallen blossom.  As you come upon them.  As you find them around you.  Mix up your own shake using these warm and wonderful choices.