As I said, I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was performed in a University Chapel, not too far from my home.  The Wedding began with a full on, hour-long Catholic mass.

Now, readers of this Blog know I am a big fan of God.  Although I was raised a Catholic and went through most of the rituals, I haven’t been to mass in more years than I care to count without a calculator to carry the remainder.

It was an inspiring experience.   A perfect Fall Day.  The church, of the afternoon, was convivial and brightly lit.  Plenty of wide-paned stained glass and colorful paintings of holy beings in the clouds with Jesus. The church I went to as a child, as I remember was far more somber. Darker, heavier wood, yellowing paintings.  Seemed like a very different place.

There were, however, several flashbacks of my mother’s voice (long deceased now) beside me in the pew, reciting the familiar prayers that have been lingering on the edges of my memory.  I was surprised at how much came back.  Like a forgotten favorite song.

I was able to listen to the mass as I hadn’t when I was attending under house rules.  I was able to distinguish easily that which I believe and that which I no longer do. 

There were several readings from the Bible, interspersed with various sittings, standings, kneelings, resting backs.  Prayer and responses.  “Peace be with you,” the priest says.  “And also with you,” the congregation replies.  I love that.

Speaking of Love, the readings were all about that.  Words of advice to a newly married couple, to each other.  Jesus and of course Paul had a letter on the topic.  The Priest (a Franciscan he called himself) did a thoughtful homily pulling together these non traditional wedding readings.  Food for thought. Certainly for a Christian couple just beginning their life together.

I must admit, some of it was beyond me.  But I decided I could give a hearty “Amen” if it was about how the couple chooses to live their lives, what they choose to believe.  I support them in their upright values.  Even I find them out of my ken.

It was heartwarming to see the dedication to their religious roots, their strong family ties and the love they have for each other.  Just a crazy little thing called love.

I still contend this was a powerful weekend. That ten-ten-ten may have some significance.  I had a most delightful one.  I hope everyone else did, too.  I feel the tide is turning . . .