Sometimes I think it extremely important to listen to what I’m telling myself, what I’m fearful of.  What am I afraid of in this situation, seems to be the question to ponder.

As I do that, I address each one with the wise voice. And tell them why they needn’t be so afraid.  “The truth is this,” I say.

But is that a waste of time?  Or worse, am I feeding the fears by listening to them?

It’s quite possible I have been over this before.  Debunked the fears before and they still managed to come back.

Maybe it’s better to just release them. That has been my practice these days. Every time I feel tension of any kind – whether it’s physical or emotional – I’m releasing it.

Chances are I don’t have to face the fear (let’s say 9 times out of 10) right away. It is more likely I’m anticipating something, not standing ready to do it.  So much of the fear is spent that way.  So I am free to release it right here, right now.  I don’t have to face that fear. I can let it go.  Release it.

It may be a different story if now is the time to face it. But I can still release what I can. Release what I’m feeling, ease the tension in my body, let go of what I’m thinking.  In calming any of those, I loosen the others.

The fear can be eased by talking to it, but maybe only for the moment. In continuing to release, I tell myself I don’t need them, I’m breaking the habit of chasing after them.

Release. Release. Release.  Remind myself all is well. There’s no need to be afraid. Breathe. Next.