From the book and workbook, “Living In the Light,” by Shakti Gawain.

The next section of the workbook is entitled, “Daily Life.”  For intuition to really work for us, we need to be an open channel for it to flow into our everyday lives.  Shakti says, when you do that, “ . . .  you will move toward aliveness, health, prosperity and creativity.”

For most of us money is a Big part of our lives.  And often a sore spot.  Money is, in fact, an energy, bestowed by our culture.  Whatever we choose to exchange for it is only a representation of that energy.  Shakti tells us that money is a creative energy.  And creative energy is in limitless supply. Therefore, money should be too.  “A lack of money,” she says, “reflects the energy blockages within ourselves.”

Shakti tells us that this energy is blocked when we’re not doing what we love or not open to receive.  Not following our inner guidance. We need to find the balance and harmony of the male and female energies within us.  To give and receive. Shakti says that when we open to this flow of guidance, life become effortless.  We’re no longer attached to money and therefore it can flow more freely.  What we’re up to is experiencing “the joy of learning how to flow the energy of the universe.  Money is just an extra bonus in the process.”

Also, remember that where you put your energy and thoughts is where that money will flow.  If you have a thought you can only have what you need, that’s what you will get. Shakti describes a budget as a blueprint.  So you make a budget for what you want. and then you keep expanding that.

Exercise 23 is a meditation for feeling the energy of money and abundance.
Sit comfortably and breathe deeply a few times, relaxing your body and clearing your mind.  Then imagine there is a golden light under your feet.  As you inhale, imagine that light coming up through your body lighting up every cell.  Imagine it spilling form the top of your head and surrounding your body with its energy.  Stay with that for awhile, breathing in and out.  See the light filling you with joy and creating inner knowing and limitless opportunity, as it washes away all your thoughts of lack and negatively – clearing the blockages.

Then, see this light in you reflecting into the world and visualize how that will play out in your life.  When you are full and open to abundance, what will your life look like?  See how many details you can come up with for how you live, move, work. Your friends, your creativity.  Just feeling what it would be like.

When you’re done, come back to where you are now and write about what you saw.  Shakti suggests writing to a friend about it.

Exercise 24 is a practice of seeing the answers within.  We’re going to ask our inner guidance where we’re blocking ourselves. We start by getting quiet and relaxed and then putting our attention inside ourselves.  Ask, “How am I blocking the flow of energy and wealth into my life now?”  Shakti asks that we be open to when and what that answer may be.  It may happen right away, may take a few days.  It could be a picture or a thought or a feeling.  When you feel you’ve gotten all you can from this session, pull out of it.  Set up 2 columns and in the first one write, “How I am blocking myself.”  Fill that in with what you realized.  Leave it open to add more later.  In the second column write some ideas for what you could do about it.

I had a feeling in my body that I need to move more.  My legs were twitching.  And I had a sense that I want more playful energy in my life.  Something said inside of me to release the tension and worry.  My new plans include a lot more getting out and about.  And I hope, with what I will manifest from that, there will be more space for play.  I’m practicing these days, releasing whenever I feel that tension or worry.  And it’s working.

Exercise 25 is an arts and crafts project.  I love those!  Shakti want us to draw or make a collage with clipped pictures from a magazine of the abundant life we saw in Exercise 23.  Include pictures, symbols and words.  These “focus boards” as they’re sometimes called are not only fun to create, they’re an inspiration to have around.  I’ve found that if I remain open as I search for the pictures (or draw, I suppose), I’m not always sure why I’ve chosen a particular thing. Later, after I’ve had a chance to look at it and ponder it, I am always surprised to find how right on my choices were.  Have fun.  It’s a good chance to play!