It is a falling . . . a surrendering to the moment. An allowing of life to be just what it is. Good or bad.  As you would someone you love.

Feeling that way about the present moment you will never be disappointed, cheated on or left behind.  Present Moment is always there.  Keeping you in love every single moment.

When you are in love with the present moment, you are drawn to it. You can’t wait to get back to your beloved.  All you want to do is spend time with them.  You hang on their ever word.  You want nothing more than to be near them and do what you can to make them happy. In the present moment, you are brought to the core of Guidance and Wisdom.

Because it is part of the present moment you love so much, you naturally pay attention to your feelings. If the person you loved wasn’t happy, you’d want to know that, wouldn’t you?  And do something to change the situation, if you can. In the present enamored moment you can see it there’s any distress. Not clinging to the dead past or the unlimited possibility future, you can compassionately, gently (you are in love) do what works for the one you love.

Being in love with the moment, you exude love. How attractive you are when you’re deeply in love!  Moving through life as if you belong. As if what you’re wearing fits you perfectly and brings out all your good qualities.  Comfortable in your own skin. Confident in your steps upon the earth. In love with every moment.  Appealing?  I’d say so.